APS, accessibility, mobility

Since its launch in March at Intertraffic, our APS aBeacon has been selected by four international actors. Here are 4 reasons why:
1- it’s safer : crosswalks have never been safer for blind people! An optional light flashing system can warn other drivers to be careful when blind people cross the street.
2- aBeacon is fully customizable and fully compliant with all local standards, laws and using habits.
3- it’s easy to install.
4- less noise pollution: with remote or smartphone app activation, this new kind of APS does not irritate your neighbourhood! The end user just needs to activate aBeacon on demand or automatically  to know if it’s the right time to cross the street.
5- it’s connected: aBeacon provides a new kind of urban connectivity to make the maintenance easier and new services.
Each of these actors will test our solution for a few months in their country and check if it fits their needs. If you’re interested to test our APS, please feel free to contact Laurie and learn more about our APS starter kit!